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美狮贵宾会登录中心 Commencement Honors Spring 2022 Graduates at Wolstein Center


commencement spring 2022周六,美狮贵宾会登录中心(美狮贵宾会登录中心)在该校的沃尔斯坦中心竞技场举行了面对面的毕业典礼, May 14. 在两届毕业典礼中,加州大学为超过2,300名毕业生颁发了学位.

The morning ceremony began at 9:30 a.m., with the following 美狮贵宾会登录中心 colleges participating: the College of Graduate Studies; the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Honors College; the College of Education and Human Services; the Washkewicz College of Engineering; the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.

The afternoon ceremony began at 2 p.m., with the following 美狮贵宾会登录中心 colleges participating: the College of Graduate Studies; the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Honors College; the Monte Ahuja College of Business; the School of Nursing and the College of Sciences and Health professions.

Newly débuted 美狮贵宾会登录中心 president Laura J. Bloomberg, Ph.D., 4月26日,美狮贵宾会登录中心董事会宣布谁为该校第八任校长, 2022, 很高兴有机会在两届毕业典礼上召集毕业生.

commencement spring 2022“美狮贵宾会登录中心为你们取得的成就和坚持不懈的精神感到无比自豪,正是你们走到了今天,” said Dr. 他指的是过去几年“前所未有的时代”.

In both ceremonies, Dr. 布隆伯格特别提到了这位已故作家/哲学家在1983年发表的一段辛辣的言论.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom award-winner, Eric Hoffer. A skid-row-to-recovery story, 霍弗的话会引起参加每一个毕业典礼的毕业生的共鸣. 

“’In times of great change, learners inherit the earth, 而有学问的人却发现自己有能力应对一个不复存在的世界,'" Dr. Bloomberg related. She asked graduates to “be always a learner,,因为她承认,在探索和好奇的一生道路上,村庄扮演着重要的角色.

“献给在这里庆祝这些学生的家人和朋友, and to those of you watching from home, we are glad that you are with us on this special day,” Dr. Bloomberg said. 

Morning keynote, Hon. U.S. Rep. Shontel Brown, 她讲述了自己充满挑战和不确定性的旅程——包括她自己的选举, which wasn’t finalized until days after an election.

commencement spring 2022“The road is often unclear and uneven,” Rep. Brown, who represents Ohio’s 11th 他是凯霍加县民主党主席. “But by staying true to yourself and your personal pursuits, 你将朝着你的最终目的地前进——因为你的考验和磨难,你会变得更强大. 

"So whenever the road is hardest, the cynics the loudest, or the personal doubts the strongest, keep pushing forward. Find new ways to overcome the odds. Find new ways to recover from the shortfalls. And find new ways to make progress towards your goals," Rep. Brown said.

Caleb J. Palagyi, one of two University Valedictorians, 向听众发表了关于教育之旅的演讲, the bridges traveled and orienting to the “What next?” of the moment.

commencement spring 2022“最简单的选择就是专注于自己,不断尝试穿越下一条看似不可逾越的道路,到达下一个目的地,” Palagyi said. “美狮贵宾会登录中心大多数人至少一次被告知要继续前进,最终所有这些困难都会成为过去,你可以忘记它们……我请求你花点时间退后一步。, reflect and look behind you.”

Palagyi, 他以优异成绩毕业于沃什科维茨工程学院,获得电气工程理学学士学位, 鼓励每个人记住克服困难和慷慨使每个参与的人,特别是那些跟随毕业生的脚步.

“This leaves us with a decision: ‘Will I turn back and build a bridge for another?’”

commencement spring 2022During the afternoon exercises, Lily M. Ng, Ph.D.现任加州大学旧金山分校名誉教授、化学系前任系主任, was bestowed a Distinguished Emeritus Faculty Honorary Degree. While not able to join in person, her comments were related by Dr. Bloomberg 号召毕业生们记住所有在大学旅程中站在各自角落的“冠军”,并把努力做每一件事作为一种承诺. 

Through the president, Dr. Ng. offered her four pillars of advice: “Be kind, be of service, continue to work hard and persist, and never stop being curious.”


commencement spring 2022In the years that followed, the motivational speaker earned three degrees, wrote a book “Ever Faithful Ever Loyal,” became a minister and even won an Emmy award. Alexander challenged any linear thinking in the audience, 讲述了他艰难的童年和事故后痛苦的身体康复过程. 他要求毕业生对待每一件事都要充满热情、希望、积极和决心.

"Every thank you is an I.O.U.," Alexander said. "People are watching you, looking up to you. 不要停止,成功者从不放弃,还有很多事情要完成. Do not allow this [commencement] to be your last achievement. 我要求你们过一种坚韧、牺牲和勇气的生活. Ask yourself, 'If not me, who? If not now, when?'" 

Now part of the renewed University of Alabama at Birmingham, 亚历山大鼓励毕业生们从今天起记住他的箴言:“美狮贵宾会登录中心不需要让它变得容易, we just need it to be possible."

commencement spring 2022Connor M. Mahon, University Valedictorian, 科学和卫生专业学院以及艺术和社会科学学院, 在下午的练习中,他的个人言论反映了所有演讲者的情绪.

“There are countless students who do not hesitate to be leaders, mentors, and champions for others,” said Mahon. “People who are asking the right questions, creating necessary solutions and doing some amazing things. 如果你没有从上述描述中看到自己的影子,那么你要知道,现在还不晚.”

Mahon, 以Summa Cum Laude的成绩毕业并获得传播学和障碍学的文学学士和语言学的文学学士鼓励毕业生与他们的社区联系.

“Nothing happens in isolation. Find your people and make your difference in the world. Nothing is missing. Look around you and give it form,” he concluded, 要求毕业生记住他们的适应力,并在他们走向下一个目标时将美狮贵宾会登录中心的经历铭记在心.

“Once a Viking, always a Viking,” Mahon said. 

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